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A Glimpse 

Into Luxury Moment's work


The Co-Founders

Hello friends! We are Betty and Leslie, the two owners and main photographers of Luxury Moment Photography based out of Montreal and available to capture love anywhere in Canada and worldwide. 

Photography is something we never imagined doing, but once we met each other, our dreams and passions began to evolve and expand into forms beyond what was expected. We are discovering more about ourselves, each other, and finding a distinguished beauty that photography offers. Creating dynamic and engaging images only is half of that beauty, the other half is revealing the beauty of the subject captured. Be it a bride on her wedding day, a model in a high fashion shoot, or a family of multiple generations, there is beauty unveiled in everything and everyone.

Our hope is to create this with you and your love ones, have fun, and reveal your unique story through the images we capture.

Make the Ordinary Extraordinary with Luxury Moment Photography! Contact us now to find out more!


Meet Our Team

Montreal Wedding Photographer
Montreal Wedding Photographer
Montreal Wedding Photographer

Jimmy Kwok

(Founder / Main Photographer / Videographer)

Leslie's photo emphasizes the harmony between the subject, atmosphere and environment, creating amazing art pier that is long lasting with a sense of elegance and classic. 

With his dedication and enthusiasm, Leslie sets out to provide you with highest quality of photographic work along with high end up to date equipements. 


Style: Storytelling, editorial, Artistic, Natural, documentary.

(Founder / Creative Director / International Award Winning Photographer )

" Photography has always been my passion and hobby! I am constantly in awe of the beauty around me - in nature, in people, and in love. Photography is definitely my method to preserving this beauty and capture the moment and emotions!"

Betty's works embody a contemporary view of artistry, storytelling, and beauty. Her imaginative, creative compositions and attention to details posses distinguished visuals that keep viewers engaged.

Style:  Creative, Luxury,  Haute couture, elegant and story telling

(Main Videographer / Creative Director)

Jimmy's goal is to artfully bring you back to these moments in time that define you and tell your love story and your luxury moments on your special day. Your wedding will be filled with moments. These are the moments that make you and your love unique. 

Style: Documentary, Dramatic, Cinematic, 

Betty Ma

Leslie Li


Luxury Moment Photography is a Montreal based Photography and Videography Studio comprised of a team of creative artists. Each one brings their individual expertise and flair to the creative process to capture your most important life events with Contemporary Elegance.

Luxury Moment Photography offers a wide range of services within its wedding package. Its professionals are available to travel with you to any location of your choice in order to get the most beautiful pictures with picturesque backdrops. Plus, on the wedding day they'll blend in with your family and friends and make you feel at ease in order to capture your most candid moments.


Our mission and goal is to document and tell our couple’s distinctive story by using a special cinematic approach. We step out of the box of average and into the world of creativity to give each couple something dramatic and unique that will be cherished for years to come.


Our team specialists in documentary and storytelling styles of photo-shooting and filming, turning each portrait and frame into a masterpiece. Your Life is important to us at Luxury Moment Photography. And because of that, no moment from your big day will go overlooked and you'll get a complete album that will express your wedding story needless of words.


Check out what we are up to! 

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