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Wedding Album

Our Professional graphic design team has all the required skills and expertise to create the most memorable collage and work of art for a timeless, Modern and classy wedding souvenirs (flush-mount albums and hard cover photo books)?


Luxury Moment Photography is now announcing our new elegant timeless high-end Italian wedding albums collection! This is a 30 pages album in which you can fit up to 60 photos and it is fully customizable book offers a wide range of colours, the finest selection of materials as well as an elegant box to protect it at all time. Ready to create yours? Feel free to contact us for more details about the pricing and options, or to book your wedding date!


Elegant Signature Album

Our Customized Hand-craft in Italy Album

We have sampled dozens of albums and bookmakers before finding the perfect match for our studio. Like our photography, we prefer our albums to be timeless.

Our high-quality, hand-crafted in Italy flush mount album is our most popular album. Its seamless flush-mounted pages allow for beautiful panoramic spreads of your favorite photos. Its sturdy build and premium design make it an album that is as durable as it is beautiful. This classic album is characterized by a centerfold with no split/cut and a storybook layout design that evokes tradition and elegance. Canvas photo covers, custom embossing, foiling, and several beautiful cover options give this album a personal touch that our clients love and appreciate.


Fresh and up to date, our Signature Album perfectly encapsulates the fine balance between timeless craftsmanship and the interpretation of a yet unexpressed desire. It answers the call for a product different from formal, classic and sumptuous books, allowing to choose a simple and fresh product instead, ideal for those who love a combination of modern aesthetics and practicality.


Our Signature Album represents going beyond of a formal and yet unsurpassed limit, where the book was obtained through the creation of thick covers, with a round spine. Today curves disappear, covers get thinner making way to the essential shapes of the box and book for a minimal and simple result which denotes a strong avant-garde taste.


A state-of-the-art product where layouts are the main characters. Our signature album is a book of minimal and rigid lines, composed by different elements combined in a refined harmonic balance of materials and shapes, which become the focal point of a line reflecting the personality of those who choose it.

The sizes

Our elegant signature albums come in four sizes: 12x8, 13x9.5, 16x12, 18x14. 

All our signature albums come with 30 pages (15 spreads)

Album Materials & Colors

For our signature Album collection


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